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CSS Chart Library

built with a single <div> element alone

The SingleDivUI is a simple and smallest CSS Chart library which includes Line chart, Bar chart, Area chart (and more coming on). Here the complete component was made up of with a single DIV element alone, with the CSS capabilities. There is no images, SVG or Canvas nothing used.


Easy to Use

Using the component is very easy and straightforward, with a few steps you can create the beautiful Charts.

Small in Size

The overall library size is very small and it around 3KB only (Min & Gzipped) including all Chart types, with Zero dependencies.

Rendering with CSS

The Chart rendering was done with Pure CSS only, and most of the customizations can be done through CSS as well.


The Chart will be responsive based on the browser window resize, and this can be enabled or disabled by options.

Browser Support

All the modern browsers which are supported the CSS3 features will be supported.

Free and Open-source

And this SingleDivUI Chart library is Free and open-source, published under the MIT license.